Commissioned Portraits

I am happy to do commissioned portraits for anyone who is interested.


It is vital that the portrait reflects the true person - something of the person's inner self.  That is what makes the portrait really authentically them.


Therefore, completing a commissioned portrait involves getting to know the subject, their personality, passions, interests and hopes, as well as their appearance.


If you live on or near the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia) this can be done in person.  Otherwise, we can communicate via email and photos.




Portrait size: 20cm X 25cm -  $AUD175.00 (one person)


Portrait size: 30cm X 40cm - $AUD300.00 (two people)


 Postage is not included in the price and will be quoted separately, where required.




Always allow at least 6 weeks for your portrait to be done.  I will confirm the expected delivery date when the order is placed.

As you can appreciate, these portraits are carefully and thoughtfully done and cannot be rushed.

Great Gift Idea!

A commissioned portrait makes a great gift for a special occasion.


Gift vouchers available


$AUD175.00 or $AUD300.00

Unique Engagement or Wedding Idea


Have a portrait of the couple done as a special gift!



For a completely individual wedding idea.....


Contact me to quote and organise invitations, placecards, etc to be printed using the couple's portrait.