Welcome to Mazzartist!


In my retirement I taken up painting - and I love it! 


I have especially enjoyed exploring Picasso’s style, particularly the way he did his portraits. They are truly bewitching!


So I have tried to adopt aspects of his approach in my paintings. I also try to add to my portraits some personal elements relating to the subject of each painting.



I am happy to do commissioned portraits for you.

Gift Vouchers available - They make wonderful unique gifts.

For further information about having a portrait done see Portraits

Other Products

I also use my paintings to create some products that I can share.

I am starting small, with the following products:


* Greeting cards

* Bookmarks, each with an affirmation message to enhance your day

* Notebooks, also with affirmations


For details see Products and Prices


Keep a lookout for new products that will be added to my range in 2019.

Enquiries via email: marilynkrob@gmail.com

(Melbourne, Australia)